A & B's Pampered Pets, LLC

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About Us

I’m Melissa Baar, owner of A & B’s Pampered Pets, LLC.  We have been in the pet sitting/dog walking business in Howard County since 1995.  I took over the business in 2008 after working as a pet sitter with A & B’s for over 8 years so it was a natural and easy transition.  I have loved animals for as long as I can remember and have been a vet tech in Nevada, worked with countless rescue organizations from coast to coast, and completed many courses on animal and pet care throughout my years.  My current involvements are fostering kittens with the Maryland SPCA, working with Pets on Wheels in Columbia, rescuing orphaned and injured wildlife as necessary, being a Girl Scout Leader, renovating our new home as well as devoting many hours a day taking care of our client’s pets.  I currently reside in the Columbia area but I’ve worked throughout the Baltimore-Washington corridor and I remember all too well those long days spent at work and the unexpected traffic jams. So I’m happy to offer the benefit of knowing our midday client's pets have already received the care and attention they deserve.  Our crazy household consists of one significant other named Jeff, two dogs, a Malti-Pom (Maltese Pomeranian Mix) named Pixie, and a Pyrenees/Husky mix pup pictured here named Puca along with five cats; Lil’ Mew Mew-Tuxedo, Jessica-petite Tabby, Cupcake-Torti, Smudgie-White Calico and Batman! - Black DLH.  I enjoy listening to audio books while traveling in the car, reading, sharing my love of animals with my girl scouts, watching movies, gardening and of course anything animal/pet related!  I am directly experienced with all types of pets including the most exotic – no pet is too large, too small or too scaly!  (Pet CPR & first aid trained through Pet Tech)

I'm Jeff Houston and Melissa's significant other for the past 13 years.  My responsibilities with A&B's include part-time pet sitting, being the master key maker, as well as maintaining the website and Facebook page.  Other duties include HR consultations, driving through blizzards and other duties as assigned to make sure the job gets done and your pets are well taken care of!  In my free time, I enjoy cycling, photography, fostering kittens with the Maryland SPCA and volunteering/fundraising for the LIVESTRONG Foundation and the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults. (Pet CPR & first aid trained through Pet Tec

I'm Connie (here with my Grandpets) and I've been with A&B's for over 6 years now.  Being a pet sitter/dog walker provides me the opportunity to be outdoors for most of my days and spend time with your pets which I enjoy so much.  My favorite pastimes are reading, cooking, biking and of course shopping! (Pet CPR & first aid trained through Pet Tech)

I'm Ray (here with one of our client's pets, Marshall).  I have been with A & B's for 6 years now and  I love walking and playing with the BIG dogs, going out to dinner as much as possible and spending quality time with the love of my life, my wife :-)  (Pet CPR & first aid trained through Pet Tech)

I'm Lee and when not walking dogs or scooping out litter boxes, I'm usually playing Celtic harp. I have been performing professionally since the late 1970's at venues including the Maryland Renaissance Faire (at least since 1979). I have also been building Celtic harps for some time - as of this writing I have made 131 harps and counting. In years past, I have been a house-husband, raising my son who is now 29, and have been a store window designer. More recently I have been a recess monitor for Prince Georges' County Public Schools, which is actually very much like pet care except that I had several hundred children at a time but the school never let me put any of them on a leash. I have two animal friends, a queenly cat named Miranda and a King Charles Spaniel named Magic. I reside in a house that is owned by a lady who gives food and shelter to anything with a furry face that shows up on her doorstep, which is of course how I ended up there. I joined A & B's Pampered Pets in 2008 and have loved the job, making many wonderful new furry friends - and some pretty nice human ones too! (Pet CPR & first aid trained through Pet Tech)

I'm Dawn and I have been with A & B's Pampered Pets for almost 10 years now!  I have veterinary experience along with one Pit Bull, four cats and 3 bunnies of my own which gives me lots of personal hands-on experience.  Since I'm an early riser, I am usually on the road before dawn (maybe that's why I'm named that :-) and enjoy seeing your pets first thing in the morning when they first wake up!  I enjoy gardening, cooking and hiking along with spending as much quality time with my four children (who have all finally graduated from high school!) but that is usually in my car being their pet taxi! (Pet CPR & first aid trained through Pet Tech)