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Why should I use a pet sitting service instead of a boarding facility?


Pets are happiest when they are surrounded by familiar sights, sounds and smells.  Pets also require the consistency of a routine and do not do well when they are stressed.  When using a pet sitting service, they not only ensure your pets well-being, there is no need to transport your pet, they are able to sleep peacefully, and are not exposed to diseases or parasites when mixing with other animals.  Plus, they make sure your home is taken care of as well. 

What cities in Howard County, Maryland are in your pet sitting service area?

Our service areas include Columbia, Ellicott City, Clarksville, Jessup, Elkridge, Hanover, Fulton, Maple Lawn, Highland, Woodstock, Marriotsville, Windsor Mill, Glenelg, Scaggsville and parts of Laurel and Catonsville.  We hope to expand services further outside of Howard County, so please call us if your city is not listed here!

Will I have the same sitter for each of my pet’s visits?


We believe that variety is the spice of life and that by giving your pets someone new to look forward to it helps keep them from too much repetition.  While we strive to keep your pets on the same eating and walking routine, pets do prefer some diversity throughout their day and enjoy the new and interesting smells a variety of sitters bring.  Our staff is small so we are still able to create a strong bond with all of your pets.  We also feel it is important to provide our sitters with a regular schedule each day so they are not working 12+ hours a day and can plan for their family and own pets needs. 


Are you able to properly administer medications to my pets?


Our sitters are fully trained in administering medications of all kinds, including pills, liquids, drops, suppositories, injections, and even subcutaneous fluids.  A & B’s Pampered Pets, LLC does not charge extra for this service unlike most other pet sitting service providers.


How far in advance do I need to schedule your service?


As soon as you know you will need our services, please let us know so that we can insure availability and plan our sitter’s schedules accordingly.  Since holidays and summer is our busiest time, as much notice as possible is needed during those times of the year.  But we know that emergencies and last-minute business meetings come up, so we are usually able to accommodate just about any request without an additional fee.


Why shouldn’t I just ask a friend, neighbor or family member to stop by and check on my pets?


We love our friends and family but they can be somewhat unreliable at times.  Plus for some it is a big imposition and they might not understand the importance you place on your pets.  We do!  Also, they might not be able to follow your exact routine and usually don’t possess the knowledge to handle a crisis.  We offer trained professionals who live to make your pet’s life a long, happy and healthy one!


Are your pet sitters bonded and insured?


Of course!  All of our pet sitters are bonded, insured, background-checked, drug-tested randomly, undergo a lengthy training period and are trained in Pet CPR/First Aid.  Our pet sitters are mature and responsible individuals who love your pets as much as their own.  And rest assured, our policy and procedures only allow the sitters of A & B's Pampered Pets, LLC to enter your home so you never have to worry about their friends, family members or children.

How do I know my keys and personal information will be secure?

This is our top priority and take great care when it comes to securing your keys and personal information.  Your keys are marked with a code that does NOT in any way indicate the name, address, or phone number of our clients in order to protect our clients in case of key loss or theft.  And your personal information is NEVER shared with anyone who is not an employee of A & B's Pampered Pets, LLC.  Our client's keys are kept in a secure location when not in use.  But just to be extra safe, our customized liability insurance has a specific clause just for key issues.  

Won't neighbors and passer-bys know that I am not home since you are walking my dogs?

A & B's Pampered Pets, LLC does not advertise our pet sitting business with vehicle marketing magnets or logos as that might encourage criminal activity.  We rely on referrals and other marketing strategies to ensure your security.  Plus we work in two-hour windows and usually have multiple visits and vehicles, so a criminal never knows what to expect! 


Will my dogs be walked with other dogs?


No.  In the interest of safety and security, each client is scheduled for their own time slot where we can focus our attention on your pet only.  We also do our best to keep our clients’ dogs away from other dogs to prevent fights and the transmission of parasites or disease.

How can I reach you if I have a sudden emergency outside of your normal business hours and need to leave immediately?

As a client you will receive the number to our 24-hour emergency pager so we can always be there for you and your pets.

What happens if my pet gets sick or develops an injury while I’m away?


We will make every attempt to contact you directly or your emergency contact you named at your initial consultation for instructions.  We would then transport your pet to your veterinarian or the after-hours emergency hospital if we deem it necessary.  Our sitters are trained to look for any issues each time they visit your pet and know the protocol for most emergency situations.


Is there ever a situation where your pet sitters would not make my visit?


We work as a team and if any of our sitters cannot make their scheduled visits, another sitter is always available for coverage.  We are also very aware of the unpredictable weather in our area, so we are well prepared to handle virtually any weather event.  During extreme weather (thunderstorms, blizzards, over 90 degree heat, etc.) your pet may not get their usual walk but be assured they will have enough time to relieve themselves with the rest of our designated time spent inside cuddling or playing. 

Do you have references I can call to discuss your pet sitting services?

Absolutely!  We are happy to provide you with contact information for some of our current clients.  We don't have a standard list of references, but instead prefer to select clients at random so they can provide you with honest feedback, not a canned speech.

What happens if my return date is delayed?


Just call us and we will continue your visits until your return.  If you reach our voicemail, please leave us a message and call the 24 hour emergency pager number given to you at your initial consultation.


What is your cancellation policy?

We will cancel your scheduled visit without a charge if you let us know at least 2 hours prior to your two-hour visit window.  For example, if you have a visit scheduled for 11am-1pm and reach us by 9am, you will not be charged.  But if you reach us at 9:10am, you will be charged because it is likely your sitter is either on their way or have planned their route with your visit in mind.  Or if you are unexpectedly home or forget to cancel when a sitter arrives you will be charged for that visit whether or not the sitter continues with your visit.  Also, for the Thanksgiving and Winter Holidays only, there is a special cancellation policy form that will be sent to you when you book those visits.

How is billing handled and what forms of payment do you accept?

We currently accept cash, check,money orders, Zelle & payment online with a bank transfer or credit card. Payment is expected within 20 days of your monthly invoice, otherwise balance is subject to an 18% interest fee accrued monthly.  Or you can always leave a payment for us to pick up at one of our visits. 

Are you hiring?

Not right now, but that can always change so please inquire!  Do you have a passion for animals?  Are you detail oriented?  Can you follow specific instructions?  Like to drive around instead of being in a office or restaurant all day?  Please contact us at abpamperedpets@yahoo.com to submit your resume and why you would make a great addition to our Team P.P. being a pet sitter.  We keep a steady number of pet sitters throughout the year, but do hire additional part-time sitters as needed during the summer months and holiday season.