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Services & Rates

We are available from 6am - 10pm every day of the year and there’s never an extra charge for holidays, last-minute additions, cancellations or administering medications.  We take care of your dogs, cats, birds, fish, reptiles, pocket pets, exotics and just about all other critters with no breed restrictions - no pet is too large, too small or too scaly!


Free Initial Consultation:  This is where we meet you and your pampered pets to discuss their personalized care.  We take notes throughout our conversation so all our pet sitters are well-informed of everyone’s needs.


All of our visits include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Give your pets fresh food and water
  • Give medications as prescribed by your veterinarian including insulin injections and subcutaneous fluids
  • Pet, cuddle, love and play with your pets (as their personal preferences allow)
  • Walk your dogs (or cats!) and/or play in your fenced yard
  • Pick up your pets waste during walks and playtime
  • Clean up accidents in the home
  • Clean/scoop/sweep litter box areas
  • Clean cages for small animals/reptiles/exotics
  • Bring in mail, packages, newspapers, and fliers
  • Water plants, both indoors and outdoors
  • Rotate indoor and outdoor lighting
  • Bring in or take out trash/recycling bins
  • Leave a detailed note at the end of our visit

Regular visit - $22 for a 30 minute visit 

Rate is for one dog or up to three cats/small pets.  Please add $3 for each additional dog and $1 for each additional cat/small pet/cage/tank.


Extended visit - $31 for 45 minutes or $44 for a full hour (then $34 for each additional hour)

Rate is for one dog or up to three cats/small pets.  Please add $3 for each additional dog and $1 for each additional cat/small pet.

Daily Dog Walking - $22 for a 30 minute visit focusing on a long walk
Eliminates your guilt from spending long hours at work and there's no need to rush home to avoid a mess!

DOORSTEP DOG WALKS - $17 for one dog, $19 for two dogs
New service available during this pandemic crisis!  If you are working from home OR find yourself quarantined, just meet us at the door with your dog's collar/harness already on & we will use our own leash.


New Puppy Service – Please call for rates/options

Since your puppy will require frequent potty breaks while you are away, we can work with you and your puppy on house breaking, crate training and reinforcing your commands. 

Litter Box Maintenance - Please call for rates/options

Let us scoop that stinky litter box!  We can provide regular service or a one-time visit.  This service is highly recommended for expectant Moms. 

Poop Scooping - Please call for rates/options
Let us take care of the hassle of cleaning up pet waste from your yard!  Daily/Weekly/Bi-Monthly/Monthly/One-time service available.

Pet Taxi Service – $22 one way, $44 round trip (limited to our service area but please call for rates outside our service area)

We take or pick up your pets at the vet, groomer, doggie day care, kennel, friends house, or wherever.


Overnights - $95 for a slumber party with your pets!  (nominal fees apply for more than 3 pets)

This includes the late night and early morning visits, but midday visits are extra.  Your sitter arrives no later than 9pm and will not depart before 8am.
(not available Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas and New Year's Eve)

After-Surgery Care - $44 for the first hour then $34 per hour - billed in 15 minute increments
This service is vital if you are unable to be with your pet following a surgical procedure.  We monitor your pet, change bandages as needed, administer fluids and medications, offer loving support, clean up any accidents and can transport back to the veterinarian's office if an emergency arises.

Vet Visits - $22 each way traveled then wait time billed in 15 minute increments at $44 per hour


Lock-out service - $44  ($66 after hours) 

So you don’t have to break a window!  We will be there within an hour.


House checks - $22

Even if you’ve taken your pets with you or you don’t currently have any pets, we will check on your home, water plants, bring in newspaper/mail, etc. 


New Pet Consultation Services – Please call for rates/options

Thinking about a new pet?  Not sure what would be the right pet for you?  Never even had a pet before?  Need help shopping for the necessities for your new pet?  Would like to be educated on the basics?   


Appointment Keeper Service - $44 for the first hour then $34 per hour - billed in 15 minute increments 

This is a much-needed service as we wait in your home instead of you for your furniture delivery, cable, repair, maintenance, etc. appointments.  Now you can go about your day without worry!

Wedding Chaperone - Please call for rates/options to include travel expenses

Make your wedding unique and include your furry family members on your special day!  We can handle all the details to include transport of your pet(s), walk them down the aisle, be responsible for them and take them on potty breaks.  

Delivery Fee - $22

Forget to pick up your pet’s food or medication from your vet?  We will pick up and pay for your items, leave you the receipt and add the total to your next invoice along with the delivery fee.

ERRAND SERVICES - starting at $22 for pickup & delivery then $44 per hour - billed in 15 minute increments as needed for wait time, shopping...

Just let us know if you need us to pick up your prescriptions, dry cleaning, items from a store, etc. along with just about anything for your pet - pet taxis, vet visits, grooming appointments & whatever else you may think of.  If you need a service not currently offered, just ask us!  

Key pickup/drop off - $11

This nominal fee is charged if you have changed your lock, changed entry locations or are moving out of our service area.

Refer-a-Friend Program - Each of you receives a complimentary visit! 

Gift Certificates - available for all of our services in any denomination for a gift OR as a credit on your own account for future visits!


Returned check fee - $35


Please contact us if we don’t currently offer the service you need as we are usually able to handle special requests.   

We currently accept cash, check, money orders, Zelle & payments online with a  bank transfer or credit card.   Payment is expected within 20 days of your monthly invoice, otherwise balance is subject to an 3% interest fee ($3 minimum) accrued monthly after 30 days past due.  You can always leave a payment for us to pick up at one of our visits.