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Pet of the Month

Meet Blue & Maggie - Our May Pampered Pets of Month!  While Blue is a fairly new addition to our A & B's family, Maggie is like an old friend we grew up with as she has been around for a long time!!  She is holding her own with just a few health issues, but seems like Blue is keeping her young...  Blue enjoys long walks trying to say HI to all his neighborhood friends so he whines quite a bit, while Maggie just keeps calm & carries on enjoying all the smells!  They have never met a treat they didn't like & we are happy to oblige each visit!!  

Meet Rex & Boo - Our April Pampered Pets of the Month!  We have the privilege of visiting with these two characters several times a week & they are just a hoot!  Don't let Rex's size sway you - even though he is super sweet, he is just as stubborn.  He wants to go where HE wants to go for his walk, but for safety reasons we are limited to a smaller area.  Even though this has been the way of his walk for years, we can't fault him for trying to get to the fast cars so he can chase them!  Boo on the other hand is super sweet without a stubborn bone in her, but we haven't tried taking her for a walk :-) They really just make us smile!!  

Meet Brody - Our March Pampered Pet of the Month!  Brody sure enjoys a good walk, but there are some conditions...  He must pick out a favorite stuffie toy to bring along whilst we walk, he has to chose the path, and when he is done walking, we are done walking!  Brody is such a sweet, sweet boy & we really enjoy our visits!

Meet Spunky, Snickers & Roxy – Our January Pampered Pets of the Month!  All of these cuties were rescued & loved unconditionally.  Even though Spunky passed away last year, he lived a good long life & simply deserves this recognition for being such a cool cat!  He got to travel with his parents, ‘help’ with gardening, & enjoyed lots of snuggle time.  Snickers is still going strong at age 10 & loves to have his belly massaged with demands to start from his chin down to his belly, pushing your hand with his paws.  He has a pretty good vocabulary regarding his desires & just loves to knock things off the nightstand to make noise to get fed sooner!  He was Spunky’s sidekick & misses his friend.  Roxy is the youngster at age 9 who loves to run & chase deer. Her nickname is ‘Zubie’ for exuberant!  She was teased by the cats when she was younger but Roxy was allowed to groom Spunky even though he was clearly in charge.  They all got along so well & glad we get to visit this great group of rescues! 

Meet Scout - Our November Pampered Pet of the Month!  Scout is such a hoot!  She is funny, sassy, free-spirited & so full of life along with being adorably cute!  But don't let that fool you - she can be fierce if she sees another dog, cat, person, squirrel or even turtle when we walk around the lake!  She is a one sitter kinda gal too as she has only let Melissa be her friend, but we are working on that (unsuccessfully so far!)  But we all love Scout just the same & Melissa really enjoys spending quality time with her furry friend!  

Meet Tucker, Zoey, Pita & Simon - Our October Pampered Pets of the Month!  These 4 kitties all have such unique personalities it's a wonder they can all live under the same roof!  Sometimes it's as simple as boys against the girls (they can be such bullies sometimes) but then the girls can be so sassy & strong - willed themselves. We have such a good time interacting with them all - sometimes they just want the love but then other times it's all about the play (or the food!!)  No matter their mood, we just adore them all!!!

Meet Lemon & Stella - Our September Pampered Pets of the Month!  This Mother & Son pair are just too cute!  Momma Stella gets a little annoyed with Lemon's 'puppy antics' sometimes but she tolerates his silliness in stride!  Lemon's idea of a good time is rolling rolling rolling in the grass that is until Stella is ready to go smell another spot. They enjoy love, pets & TREATS!!   

Meet Rupert - Our July Pampered Pet of the Month! Rupert has been a favorite with all the sitters for many, many years!  While he may be getting on in years, he still has the looks & personality of a kitten.  He cannot help himself if there is a feather wand flying around, purrs non-stop when being brushed & enjoys his belly rubs!  We are always very happy when his family leaves him in our care!!

Meet Loki and Mercedes - Our June Pampered Pets of the Month!  What a pair of fun love bugs!  Mercedes is all about the love & pets but Loki tends to get jealous so we have to make sure both get their equal share :-)  Loki is one of the smartest dogs we know, but he loses all composure when it comes to his BALL!  He demands both a long walk wherever HE wants to go & ball play in the basement.  We have so much fun playing with him we tend to lose track of time & he never tires out!  Then it's those sad eyes on us when we have to leave... 

Meet Billy & Kaley - Our May Pampered Pets of the Month!  They get are quite the cat & dog duo as they get along so well!  They keep each other company until their favorite pet sitters arrive & then Billy gets his most coveted thing in the world - wet food!  While Kaley gets to explore the neighborhood & occasionally see some of her friends!  Belly rubs & treats & love abound!!

Meet Nala - Our April Pampered Pet of the Month! Nala loves to go for her walks & will pull us where she wants to go & we happily follow after her :-)  Sometimes she greets us at the door with the days newspaper but hopefully she greets her owners with a pair of slippers or an 'adult beverage' when they get home from a long day at work! She is also a huge sports fan & will be cheering on the Washington Capitals as they go for Lord Stanley's Cup! 

Meet Laszlo - Our March Pampered Pet of the Month! He is always so happy to see us but he'd much rather have belly rubs than go for a walk, which we give right away of course!  But if it's raining outside forget it - this boy does not like getting wet!!!  (we have our ways of getting him out though ;-)  Once this little cutie is out he thoroughly enjoys all the smells of the neighborhood & makes it all 'his own' if you know what we mean!!  We obviously love this fella so much!

Meet Dixie & Kasey - Our February Pampered Pets of the Month!  They are such sweet & adorable pups & we are so lucky that we get to see them weekly!  Dixie is the more independent of the two while Kasey is quite happy just getting lots of love (& treats!!)  But they both like to eat things that they should not, which gets their tummies into trouble :-(  Dixie recently battled E.coli & won so we are happy to report that she is doing great now :-)  

Max - Our January Pampered Pet of the Month!  Max is quite the adventurer & romantic...  He loves long walks at sunset, loves to be picked up & cuddled & loves his Mom's cooking (well, most days - sometimes he can be finicky :-)  Max is just a happy & super sweet pup who is simply a joy to be around!!

Meet Ricky - Our December Pampered Pet of the Month! Ricky is always a fun boy to visit!  He greets us as soon as we arrive, wants some love first but then it's playtime!  His eyes are so mesmerizing & his personality so sweet, we can't help but fall in love over & over again with this handsome fella :-)

Meet Keuka, Sheeba, Bella, Tron, Levi & Astro - Our November Pampered Pets of the Month!  We have such a good time whenever we get to visit this incredible pack of pets :-) Levi the cat is surprisingly accepting of his doggie friends who love him right back.  They are all so sweet in their own ways especially Keuka who we have known for such a long time!  Astro is the newest member of the pack & he already has them wrapped around his cute little Puggle paws!!  So.Much.Fun.

Meet Abby - Our October Pampered Pet of the Month! Abby is really one of the sweetest, quirkiest pups we know!  She enjoys a good game keep-away with her tugs & ground hog stuffy but then gives in so she can be petted & showered with love (she returns the love by diving & weaving through your legs no matter if there's room to get through or not)  But...she does not appreciate the recycle/trash trucks or lawn care crews coming into HER neighborhood & tells us to tell them to go away!  We are happy when her parents travel then we get to spend lots of time with her :-)

Meet Melody & Baby - Our September Pampered Pets of the Month!  Melody & Baby are quite the dynamic duo!  They are Persians, adorably sweet and enjoy their daily grooming sessions (until they get bored & want to go play in the sink which ruins all of our hard work :-)  Oh, how they LOVE to drink from the sink but Melody would also be content to sit in your lap to be petted all day!  This pair just makes us all smile each time we get to see them!!

Meet Scooby & Tootsie & Pooh Bear - Our August Pampered Pets of the Month!  Scooby is a obviously a handsome Collie & just a super sweet boy!  He has had some mobility issues lately but that sure doesn't damper his spirit (or appetite!)  Tootie & Pooh Bear are his adorable friends who love to be loved.  Pooh Bear follows us everywhere demanding attention while Tootsie prefers to be extra pampered right wherever she is sleeping :-)  Always a pleasure to visit this tremendous trio!!

Meet Biscuit - Our July Pampered Pet of the Month!  Biscuit is such a sweet girl & we have known her since her adoption so many years ago.  She's a little sad right now as she recently lost her cat friend, Misty, so we thought having her name in lights would cheer her up (& her family :-)  We enjoy our scenic walks along the river & through the woods but she enjoys her 'biscuit' treats best!!

Meet Simon - Our June Pampered Pet of the Month! Simon is our favorite polydactyl kitty - just look at those paws! He will do anything for attention even if that means walking between our feet as we're going up and down the stairs - keeps us our toes! He loves to lay in our lap as he gets/demands TONS of attention, he gives us slobbery face rubs and he'll do anything to be picked up and held.  We just simply love this cat!!!

Meet Ari - Our May Pampered Pet of the Month!  Ari is obviously quite the looker but he has the personality to back it up!  He is always very helpful while we do our 'chores' when visiting him & likes to help us read the notes left by his owners by walking back & forth over them.  We are surprised that the notes written to his owners can even be read since he likes to help write those notes too :-)  We really enjoy our time together & look forward to our visits with him! 

Meet Jack and Sidney - Our April Pampered Pets of the Month!  While Jack thinks he is very ferocious and does make a good guard dog, he really is a sweet boy under all those grumbles :-)  He enjoys his strolls though the neighborhood along with treats and love (well, who doesn't??)  Even though Sidney is only there occasionally, he is still a big part of the family and is one of the most beautiful Huskies we know!  He loves his time out in the yard, some play and of course love - ear noogies are welcome too!!

Meet York - Our March Pampered Pet of the Month! York is a really sweet & lovable girl who is a little fickle about her walks.  Sometimes she loves them, but other times she needs to be tempted to go for a walk by holding the treats in front of her like you do with a horse and a carrot!  But she sure does love those treats & knows how to make us laugh! We really enjoy our times spent with her :-) 

Meet Breezy - our February Pampered Pet of the Month!  Breezy is a super sweet boy who loves his outings (& treats!)  We not only get to take him for a long walk occasionally, we get to see him sometimes when we are out walking his buddy Tanner - they like to sniff each other all over :-)  But he has been a little under the weather lately, so please send some good thoughts his way!! 

Meet Simba, Rambo and Oliver - Our January Pampered Pets of the Month!  Oliver is always so full of high energy & bounces & tries to run us over as we walk in the door! All while Simba & Rambo are trying to sneak out at the same time!  Luckily they are all very lovable & really enjoy their treats & playtime so it's easy to keep them all in line :-)  And we just really enjoy that Oliver takes US for a walk - gives us a bit of a break!! 

Meet C.C & Oona - Our December Pampered Pets of the Month!  They are quite the fabulous duo who get lots of love while we visit them!  Well, C.C. doesn't appreciate all the attention as she would rather watch the action from across the room, while Oona will just drink in any & all affections!  And lucky for us that's even during her medication administrations!  C.C. is such fun to look at & she makes us giggle with her antics - just like Charlie Chaplin did :-) 

Meet Archie - Our November Pampered Pet of the Month!  We were lucky to have met Archie when he was just a baby and have just loved him since first sight!  He is always so very excited to go for his daily walk with us, loves to meet new people and see his puppy friends along the way.  He can't help it that he is so adorable and that everyone he meets falls in love with him too!  His playful antics are a joy in itself to watch and be a part of.  He is just an overall great pup!! 

Meet Griffin - our October Pampered Pet of the Month!  He is a super sweet but sometimes shy boy who just loves to play ball, tries to sneak in the creek whenever we walk on that path, enjoys greeting people along the way and for some reason likes to take his plushy toys out to the backyard in the rain!  Griffin and his girlfriend, Jobyna, would play for hours if we let them!!  We just always enjoy his antics!

Meet Mestophiles - our September Pampered Pet of the Month! Mestophiles aka Mr. Mess aka Mess is just a delightful cat who loves loves loves to be brushed, treated and fed. So whenever we get to visit with Mess he gets all of that and more :-) He does like to give us direction on exactly how to brush him and also prefers his wet food flavors to be rotated so he doesn't get bored - yes, he is pretty spoiled but in return he shows us that he is grateful for all the love!

Meet Chester and Millie - our August Pampered Pets of the Month!  Always a good time to be had whenever we visit Chester and Millie!  Chester likes to greet us by bounding down the stairs with lots of tail wags while Millie is a bit more reserved with her greetings.  Chester enjoys his walks, likes to sniff everything along the way and he will always bring in the morning newspapers.  Such a good boy and a very sweet pretty girl!

Meet Noodle & Rosie - our July Pampered Pets of the Month! When it comes to walking these two, we have polar opposites!  Rosie likes to take her sweet time and smell EVERY 'rose' along the way, while Noodle is always looking ahead to see what's next, new and exciting.  Noodle greets us at the door making the most adorable sounds while Rosie is usually tucked away somewhere snoozing  (and snoring!) away - it takes some effort to wake her as she's quite happy in her dreamland :-)

Meet Mimi, Mona & Mohr - our June Pampered Pets of the Month!  They are a happy bunch & very active.  While Mimi & Mona run around & play with each other, & do enjoy some love, Mohr has to be rightnexttoyou demanding LOTS of attention!  So much so, our notes to the family can be hard to read because he 'helps' us write it :-)  Glad we can visit with them & their squirrel friends too!

Meet Champ and Coco – Our May Pampered Pets of the Month! Both of these lovable pups are very energetic and full of love! They are both big, goofy Goldendoodles that love to chase squirrels that they never catch, making new people and puppy friends and wrestling with each other.  Just don't let them see you with a remote control - it might just be destroyed moments later :-(  We are so happy we get to see them several times each week - it just makes our day!!

Meet Mischief and Swanzey – Our April Pampered Pets of the Month!  These lovely ladies are both Maine Coons and are just gorgeous!  Mischief is quite elusive when we come to visit, but will make her grand appearance every so often.  While Swanzey typically greets us at the front door and follows us everywhere, just to make sure we do everything up to her standards :-)  She loves to be loved and brushed and fed -- all of the important things in life to a kitty!!

Meet Annie and Austin – Our March Pampered Pets of the Month!  They are total sweethearts and Austin really likes to snuggle and get belly rubs (once you wrestle with him first J )  Both pups are having some medical issues so we thought they might get cheered up by seeing their names in lights on Facebook and our website!  Let’s all send some good thoughts their way and we are honored to be entrusted with their care.

Meet Tex – Our February Pampered Pet of the Month!  Tex is an absolute joy to see and is always eager to go for a walk, be it short or long! He loves his treats so much more than his meals we sometime have to trick him by hiding treats in his food so he eats.  Little known  fact that Tex is the cause of many water shortages as he just doesn’t know when to stop!  Sometimes it’s hard to love on Tex since he is always on the move but we get in our hugs and kisses!

Meet P.J., George, Chewy, Mommy and Thumper - Our January Pampered Pets of the Month!  They are quite the elusive bunch when we come to visit them as they like to play hide-n-seek, but we catch them watching us doing our chores and every once in a while one comes close enough to get some love :-)  They do leave us presents in their litter boxes and do a great job at eating all their food between visits so we are happy knowing that they are happy!!

Meet Kona & Budha - Our December Pets of the Month!  These two cats are sweet, fun & oh so beautiful!  Budha always greets us as the door wanting some love, belly rubs and play (he also gets picked up, snuggled and kissed which he 'kinda' likes :-) But Kona waits for us to find her and then she enjoys some love and pets too - she's just not that into the snuggles though.  Lucky for us their Mom travels frequently!

Meet Brooks, Rudy and Max - Our November Pets of the Month!  This lively bunch of pups are so much fun when they get to playing (which is just about all the time!)  Max is the new kid on the block but is fitting right in.  But that is not a sun hat he has on - he just forgot there was a fence around the yard :-)  They also get to play with different pups quite often (and so do we!!) as their parents enjoy fostering rescues that are hoping to find their forever homes.  Always a good time whenever we get to visit!

Meet Chiante - Our October Pet of the Month!  This cutie patootie just turned 11 and is still going strong!  He loves to be loved (but don't we all??), enjoys going on walks - where he gets to lead, and can't wait for his chicken tender at dinner-time.  But he plays favorites!  His favorite pet sitter is Connie and his little face just lights up whenever he sees her :-) 

Meet Finnegan and Remington - Our September Pets of the Month! These two boys are some of the sweetest and happiest pups we have ever met! They love to tackle us and give us bunches and bunches of kisses as well as enjoying their play time outside (& inside!!)  We are always thrilled whenever we get to see them!

Meet Cobbler, Brimstone, Raptor & Buddy - our August Pampered Pets of the Month!  They are all so fun & get so excited whenever we come to visit - even Buddy the bird (who loves almonds & will grant you permission to rub his neck if you ask nicely!)  Cobbler would like to relax a bit more, but ever since Brimstone came along he doesn't get much of that!  Brimstone is full of energy & both like their walks & playtime in the yard.  Raptor lives up to his name in multiple ways - he loves to box (but watch out for those claws!) but he's more of a lover than a fighter (although he does enjoy stalking the pups :-)  We are lucky to have them as regular clients!

Meet Samantha - Our July Pampered Pet of the Month! She cries with excitement whenever we arrive as she is just so happy to see us because she knows it's 'Samantha-time!'  She gets lots of attention, hugs, kisses, plays ball either inside or out and as you can see she loves to roll around in the grass (even though she is allergic!)  She is such a great snuggler during our slumber parties and glad we get to spend so much extra time with her when her parents are out of town. 

Meet Gonzie and Macy Gray - Our June Pampered Pets of the Month!  Gonzie is the sweetest little girl where Macy Gray is sweet, but feisty!  (especially when her nails are being clipped :-)  They get along great and enjoy our visits when they get LOTS of love, attention and TREATS-Gonzie could eat them all day!  So glad their parents take frequent trips so we get to see them often!!

Meet Gracie - Our May Pampered Pet of the Month! While she is shy and plays hard to get upon your first meeting, she warms up to you quickly and then she is nothing but a happy, bouncing bundle of joy who's full of kisses! She likes long walks, belly rubs, exploring her surroundings, sunsets and Pina Coladas :-) 

Meet Lenny, Maggie, Ivy and Emma - Our April Pampered Pets of the Month!  Lenny is a Basset Hound Mix, Maggie is a Dachshund, Ivy is a DSH Tabby and Emma a Tuxedo Cat.  Each time we visit this pet-filled home, we are overwhelmed with love and affection by all!  They get along great (well...mostly!) and the pups enjoy their walks, indoor & outside playtime while Emma & Ivy enjoy some one-on-one time with us without the pups around (they get pretty excited during our visits!) to get some pets, love & chin scratches.  We are so glad that we get to play with them quite often!!

Meet Magnus & Brodie - Our March Pampered Pets of the Month!  Magnus is a French Bulldog who enjoys giving us a smooch any chance he gets and loves his walks rain or shine (or snow - lots of snow!)  Brodie is a Chocolate Cocker Spaniel who prefers belly rubs over walks but has a super fun time once she gets out there!  They both have loved the snow this winter; playing and running and of course eating as much of it as they can get away with - those little sneakers!!  Happy we get to see them almost every day :-)

Meet Marshall - Our February Pet of the Month!  He is a rescued mixed breed pup, who never had it so good!  He is spoiled by all who meet him as they just melt into those eyes :-)  He enjoys long walks around his neighborhood and REALLY really REALLY enjoys his 'greenies!!'  What a treat for us to be able to see him every week!

Meet Oliver & Tyson - Our January Pampered Pets of the Month!  Oliver is a sweet Boston Terrier who loves, REALLY loves to play with his big red ball (but only if we are there to kick it around for him.)  Tyson on the other paw, is a bit more reserved Boxer who loves to just be loved and to eat, really eat (especially Oliver's food if we're not looking! :-)  We are lucky we get to see them so many times during the week!!

Meet Max & Fritz - Our November Pampered Pets of the Month!  They are Dachshunds which means they usually have their nose to the ground smelling for something on our walks (especially Max!), and they are loyal and very clever.  But these guys are also the biggest little bed hogs we have known yet (ask them about our slumber parties!), along with being very good watch dogs and just the best snugglers.  We really enjoy our time with them :-) 

Meet Gracie & Bridie - Our October Pampered Pets of the Month! They are Glen of Imaal Terriers who are super sweet but can be a bit over zealous at times. (such as when they see another dog, human, squirrel, car, bicycle, etc... :-) We get to see them almost every day and we are so happy that they are happy to see us, too!!

Meet Parker - Our September Pampered Pet of the Month!  Parker is a gorgeous Collie who makes us smile every day.  She always greets us happily at the door, enjoys her strolls around her neighborhood, and gets so excited when she sees (or smells!) a treat. While Parker is currently battling some health issues, that doesn't stop her charm!

Meet Harry – Our July Pampered Pet of the Month!  Harry is a VERY big boy being a Great Pyrenees who is extraordinarily handsome with a super sweet personality too!  He likes to give us a thorough ‘smell check’ when we first arrive to see just where we have been before visiting him.  And he really likes it when there are kitty smells as his drooling shows us just how much he enjoys that J  Harry is also involved with the Pets on Wheels program in Howard County and has made many seniors smile along with us every time we see him!

Meet Jack - Our June Pampered Pet of the Month! He is a senior Jack Russell Terrier who loves his kitty sister, Tabby and enjoys long naps in bed (Mom's bed, not his!) He enjoys walks with his favorite pet sitters and loves to lounge in the sunshine :-) What a sweetie!!!

Meet Simon - May's Pampered Pet of the Month! Simon has been with us since he was a baby (& he made the cutest puppy!) & we love him dearly. He still likes to play games - catch me if you can, hide & go seek, just try and take that out of my mouth along with many others :-) But this just makes him even more adorable - well, most of the time!

Now meet Fancy & Samantha - Two fabulous felines who love each other dearly but couldn't be more different.  Fancy is a petite, sweet, quiet girl while Samantha tells you it's time for a meal (and for her, it's ALWAYS time for a snack at least!!)  We have loved these girls for years and look forward to when their parents go out of town so we get to play with them! 

The first Pet of the Month for 2013 is Sadie! She is a fiery ball of fluff and is loved so much by all the sitters here at A & B's. Her spirit brightens our days and we always look forward to seeing her!

Meet Bailey and Mocha - our August and September Pampered Pets of the Month! They are quite the duo and enjoy spending time with each other and their favorite dog walkers! Bailey prefers a short jaunt around the yard, while Mocha likes to tour the neighborhood to see what's new and exciting.  It's a pleasure when we get to visit them!

Meet Tanner - Our July Pampered Pet of the Month! He is just an absolute delight to see everyday! He gives us a warm welcome and does a little 'dance' whenever he sees us - he really brightens our day!!

Meet Radar - Our June Pampered Pet of the Month!  He is always a happy boy and has tons of energy!  He has a beautiful lake to walk around and when that doesn't wear him out, we get him to run in circles - he LOVES it!  We all really enjoy his wonderful personality!

Meet Bass - Our May Pampered Pet of the Month!  He is one of our sweetest kitties who unfortunately needs subcutaneous fluids daily because of a kidney disease.  But that doesn't slow him down!  He is such a good boy who is so easy to love! 

Meet Teddy & Maggie - Our April Pampered Pets of the Month!  They are quite the comical duo, always so happy to do anything or go anywhere, especially on their long daily walks.  We just adore them both so much! 

Meet Annie! - Our March Pet of the Month. She simply is the sweetest little lover girl who gives us 'hugs' each time we see her. She thoroughly enjoys her walks and all the outdoors smells that go with it - she is a Beagle after all!!

Meet Sophie! - Our February Pet of the Month. She is a delightful and loving Chocolate Lab who is simply the best companion dog. She loves her owners and dog walkers alike and shows her affection openly! We just love our Sophie!!

Meet Marvelous Marvin! He is a super sweet senior Beagle who recently lost an eye, but his love of life (& treats!!) keeps him going strong. He is a joy and inspiration to be around :-)

Meet Honey, our December Pampered Pet of the Month - A 20+ year old Jack Russell Terrier who is still going stong! She loves to get outside to run around and do her "circles." (We really can't believe she is over 20 years old!) She enjoys snuggles, lots of treats and long naps in her bed - what a sweetie!

Meet Ladybird, our November Pampered Pet of the Month - A Golden Retriever in her senior years who is also a cancer survivor. She enjoys treats of any kind, lots of love and did we mention how much she enjoys her treats?! She is a much valued and long time client who we all love dearly!

Each "Pampered Pet of the Month" will be featured on our website & Facebook & will receive a complimentary visit when booked during the same month!